Communication is our priority and that's why we have effective messaging systems in place to update our community with timely and important information.

Healthy Meals

Nutritious snacks and meals ensure that children have the nutrients and energy they need to fully engage in learning and play throughout the day.


Classrooms setups allow children the freedom to explore and make free choices within age-appropriate limits to develop independence and self-confidence.


Children need trusting relationships in order to feel loved, accepted, and safe. Our dedicated teachers are committed to serving each child with excellence.

Experiential Learning

Classroom activities focus on presenting children with a wide variety of hands-on activities, opportunities for play, and guided experiences to learn.

Reliable Schedule

Our daily schedule reflects our belief that children need a flexible yet reliable routine to grow and ensure optimal cognitive development.

Home Partnership

We are dedicated to enhancing a cooperative partnership with the home through open communication and understanding in order to best serve each child.